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Rasabasa is 4 people from Lithuania and Norway, who have played together since 2009. Originally an online project, due to the geographical distance involved between the members, they decided to make the band a full time project in 2011, and have since then released 2 Eps, played a large number of gigs in countries like Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the UK, and won the Lithuanian equivalent of a Grammy, the M.A.M.A. award, for Best Alternative Band. At the moment they are hard at work in their studio, working on their debut full length album, which they expect to release in autumn 2014. Expect an inventive mix of pop music, electronica and sci fi nostalgia.

Band members:
Rasa Bubulyte – Vocals, synths
Snorre Bergerud – Guitars, synths, production
Bjørn Holmesland – Guitars, synths
Sindre Skeie – Drums, percussion